237 Entitlement to receive information
  • (1) A person who applies for information under section 236 is entitled to receive information from the register in relation to a specified motor vehicle.

    (2) However, the Registrar may not disclose personal information about an individual unless the Registrar is satisfied that—

    • (a) the person applying for the information is that individual; or

    • (b) the information is required for a purpose specified in section 235; or

    • (c) the information is within the exception specified in section 241; or

    • (d) the information may be disclosed under an enactment.

    (3) Information from the register must not be supplied unless—

    • (a) the prescribed fee is paid; or

    • (b) the Registrar is satisfied that satisfactory arrangements have been made for payment of that fee.

    (4) The Registrar must, at the request of an individual, supply to the individual—

    • (a) the name of any person to whom personal information about the individual has been disclosed under—

      • (i) subsection (2)(c); or

    • (b) the purpose of any such disclosure.

    Compare: 1986 No 6 s 19(1), (3)

    Section 237: inserted, on 1 May 2011, by section 32(3) of the Land Transport Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 17).