Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Amendment Act 1999

Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Amendment Act 1999

Public Act1999 No 35
Date of assent7 May 1999

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows:

1 Short Title
2 Interpretation
  • (1) This subsection substituted the definition New organism in section 2(1) of the principal Act.

    (2) This subsection substituted the definition test certificate in section 2(1) of the principal Act.

3 Meaning of term new organism
  • This section inserted section 2A in the principal Act.

4 Application for containment approval for new organisms
5 Applications required to be publicly notified
  • This section amended s 53(3)(b) of the principal Act.

6 Provisions relating to hearings
  • This section amended s 61(7) of the principal Act.

7 Codes of practice
  • This section substituted s 78(5) of the principal Act.

8 Enforcement of Act
  • This section amended s 97(e) of the principal Act.

9 Offences
  • This section amended s 109(1)(b) of the principal Act.

10 Strict liability and defences
  • This section amended s 117(3) of the principal Act.

11 New sections substituted
  • This section substituted section 121 and repealed section 122 of the principal Act.

12 Appeals
  • (1) Paragraph (h) of section 125(1) of the principal Act is repealed.

    (2) This subsection inserted s 125(2A) in the principal Act.

13 Offences against Parts 11 to 17
  • This section substituted s 156(1)(b) of the principal Act.

14 Approvals for genetically modified organisms
  • Section 257(1) of the principal Act is amended by adding the words and that organism is then a new organism.

15 Omission or alteration of cross-references
  • The principal Act is amended—

    • (a) By omitting from section 10(c) the expression sections 28, 31, 34, 39, and 47 of:

    • (b) By omitting from section 53(3)(c)(ii) the expression section 55(3) of:

    • (c) By omitting from section 62(4) the figure 68, and substituting the figure 73:

    • (d) By omitting from section 110 the expressions 140(j) and 140(i), and substituting in each case the expression 140:

    • (e) By omitting from section 137(1)(b) the expression 103(3), and substituting the expression 103:

    • (f) By omitting from section 140(1)(k) the figure 39, and substituting the figure 40:

    • (g) By omitting from section 141(1) the expression 140(i), (j), (m), or (n), and substituting the expression 140(1)(i), (j), (m), or (n):

    • (h) By omitting from section 158(3) the expression section 126 of:

    • (i) By omitting from section 198(4) the expression 197 or 199, and substituting the expression 195 to 197:

    • (j) By omitting from section 220(6) the expression 156(d), and substituting the expression 156(1)(d):

    • (k) By omitting from section 254(8)(a) the expression 31(1), and substituting the expression 13.