Registration of exporters

52 Director-General to maintain register of exporters


The Director-General must keep and maintain a register of exporters that records persons authorised under this Part to export animal material or products to which this Part applies.


The purpose of the register is—


to enable members of the public to know who is authorised under this Part to export animal material and products; and


to facilitate the ability of the Director-General to—


advise exporters of export requirements; and


safeguard official assurances for entry of animal material and products into overseas markets, including in emergency situations; and


to facilitate the compliance, audit, and other supporting and administrative functions of the Ministry under this Act.


The Director-General must—


keep the register open for public inspection, without fee, during reasonable hours at the head office of the Ministry and at such other places as the Director-General determines as necessary or appropriate; and


supply to any person copies of all or part of the register on request and payment of a reasonable charge for the production of the copy.


The register may be kept in such manner as the Director-General thinks fit, including, either wholly or partly, by means of a device or facility—


that records or stores information electronically or by other means; and


that permits the information so recorded to be readily inspected or reproduced in usable form; and


that permits the information in the register to be accessed by electronic means, including (without limitation) by means of remote logon access.

Section 52(2)(b)(i): substituted, on 1 June 2005, by section 16 of the Animal Products Amendment Act 2005 (2005 No 26).