Radiocommunications Amendment Act 2000

60 Licences granted under Part 13 of principal Act
  • (1) Where any licence has been granted for the installation, operation, or use of radio apparatus in accordance with Part 13 of the principal Act before the commencement of this Act, or was deemed to be a licence granted under that Part by section 140 of the principal Act, and was in force immediately before the commencement of this Act, that licence is deemed to be a radio licence and the following modifications apply to the licence:

    • (a) the licence is deemed to include a requirement that persons transmitting in accordance with the licence comply with Schedule 1 of the principal Act (as substituted by section 55 of this Act):

    • (b) the frequencies in the licence used to describe the radio apparatus are the frequencies on which the transmission of radio waves are authorised by the licence.

    (2) If a licence to which subsection (1) applies does not describe the radio apparatus by referring to radio frequencies, the holder of the licence must return the licence to the Secretary who must amend the licence to include the frequencies upon which transmissions can be made in accordance with the licence.