Parliamentary Service Act 2000

24 Leased premises in Bowen House


On the commencement of this Act, the interests, licences, and rights of the Parliamentary Service Commission under the Bowen House lease cease to be vested in the Parliamentary Service Commission, and vest instead in the Parliamentary Corporation.


No person is entitled to terminate, alter, or otherwise affect in any way the interests, licences, and rights vested in the Parliamentary Corporation by subsection (1), simply because of the vesting under that subsection.


The General Manager must keep a copy of the lease at the General Manager’s office.


As long as any land or premises that are subject to the lease continue to be part of the parliamentary precincts, any person may send to the General Manager a written application to inspect the lease; and in that case the General Manager must give the applicant a reasonable opportunity to inspect the lease during ordinary business hours at the General Manager’s office.