Parliamentary Service Act 2000

Schedule 3 Description of land vested in Her Majesty the Queen for parliamentary purposes

s 23

All that parcel of land containing 4.5592 hectares, more or less, being Section 1, S.O. Plan 38114 and shown on S.O. Plan 38114 as—

AreaFormer description
A423 m2Part Section 505, Town of Wellington
B19 m2Part Section 505, Town of Wellington
C2651 m2Part Section 526, Town of Wellington
D3616 m2Part Section 527, Town of Wellington
E60 m2Part Section 528, Town of Wellington
F79 m2Closed road
G737 m2Part Section 1, S.O. Plan 20883
H1209 m2Part Section 2, S.O. Plan 20883
I244 m2Part Section 3, S.O. Plan 20883
J613 m2Section 1, S.O. Plan 20910
K1.1072 haSection 1210, Town of Wellington
L2.2793 haSection 1211, Town of Wellington
M13 m2Section 1, S.O. Plan 28137
N30 m2Section 2, S.O. Plan 28137
O2033 m2Part Section 2, S.O. Plan 36836