Employment Relations Act 2000

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Employment Relations Act 2000

Public Act2000 No 24
Date of assent19 August 2000


This Act is administered in the Department of Labour.


Good faith employment relations


Registration of unions and related matters

Union's right to represent members

Access to workplaces

Union meetings

Registrar of Unions

Good faith

Codes of good faith


Facilitating bargaining

Determining collective agreement if breach of duty of good faith

Collective agreements

Undermining collective bargaining or collective agreement


Lawfulness of strikes and lockouts

Suspension of employees during strikes

Essential services

Procedure to provide public with notice before strike or lockout in certain passenger transport services

Employer's liability for wages during lockout

Performance of duties of striking or locked out employees

Record of strikes and lockouts

Jurisdiction of Employment Court

Codes of employment practice

Code of good faith for public health sector


Personal grievances

Remedies in relation to personal grievances


Recovery of wages


Compliance orders

Enforcement of order

Limitation period for actions other than personal grievances

Mediation services

Employment Relations Authority

Employment Court

Judges of the Court

Review of proceedings


Special provision in respect of appeals

Other appeals

Miscellaneous provisions

Labour Inspectors

Demand notices

Actions to recover wages or holiday pay, etc



Miscellaneous provisions

Transitional provisions

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: