Arms Amendment Act 2000

Arms Amendment Act 2000

Public Act2000 No 53
Date of assent14 November 2000

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title
  • (1) This Act is the Arms Amendment Act 2000.

    (2) In this Act, the Arms Act 1983 is called the principal Act.

2 Commencement
  • This Act comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

3 Act to bind the Crown
  • Section 3(2) of the principal Act is amended by repealing paragraph (a), and substituting the following paragraph:

    • (a) by any person in the course of that person's duties as—

      • (i) a member of the New Zealand Defence Force or a member of the Cadet Forces; or

      • (ii) a member of the police or an armourer employed by the police; or

      • (iii) a person employed by the police to provide firearms training to members of the police; or

      • (iv) an officer as defined by section 4 of the Anti-Personnel Mines Prohibition Act 1998; or

      • (v) a person authorised by the Commissioner to provide training to members of the police in the use of a restricted weapon that is a gas or some other disabling substance, or a device designed to discharge such a substance; or

      • (vi) an employee of the body that, immediately before the commencement of the Arms Amendment Act 2000 was known as the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd; or

      • (vii) a person working in any forensic laboratory or facility that provides forensic services to the Police:.

4 Duration of firearms licence
  • Section 25 of the principal Act is amended by adding, as subsections (2) and (3), the following subsections:

    • (2) Despite subsection (1), if a licence is granted to a person who states in the application form for the licence that he or she is a visitor to New Zealand and intends to reside in New Zealand for 1 year or less, the licence may be granted subject to a condition that it expires 1 year from the date of issue or expires on any earlier date specified in the licence.

    • (3) If a licence has been granted subject to a condition referred to in subsection (2), the licence expires on the date of expiry referred to or specified in the licence, or on the date the person to whom the licence is granted leaves New Zealand, whichever occurs first.

5 Regulations
  • Section 74(1) of the principal Act is amended by repealing paragraph (j), and substituting the following paragraph:

    • (j) making provision for the security of premises at which any firearm or class of firearm is kept, and prescribing precautions to be taken to prevent the theft or misuse of firearms, airguns, pistols, restricted weapons, ammunition, and explosives in the possession of any person or class of persons:.

Legislative history

9 November 2000Divided from the Statutes Amendment Bill (No 7) as reported from the Justice and Electoral Committee (Bill 334-A2), third reading