Ministry of Energy (Abolition) Amendment Act 2000

Ministry of Energy (Abolition) Amendment Act 2000

Public Act2000 No 72
Date of assent14 November 2000


This Act is administered in the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows:

1 Title
2 Commencement
  • (1) Section 4 comes into force on 1 January 2001; and applies in respect of the levy payable on petrol or diesel sold on or after that date.

    (2) The rest of this Act comes into force on the 28th day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

3 New section 14 substituted
  • The principal Act is amended by repealing section 14, and substituting the following section:

    14 Purpose of levies
    • Levies recovered under this Part must be applied only for the purposes of meeting the reasonable costs and expenses of—

      • (a) the inspection, monitoring, and related services to which they relate and matters incidental to those services, being services carried out by the Ministry under any Act or related arbitration services; and

      • (b) the dissemination of information concerning safety in relation to the industries to which the levies relate; and

      • (c) the recovery of those levies.

4 Petroleum fuels monitoring levy
  • Section 24 of the principal Act is amended by repealing subsections (2) and (3), and substituting the following subsections:

    • (2) A levy of 0.025 of a cent, or such lesser amount as may be prescribed, is payable under this section for each complete litre of petrol or diesel sold for use in New Zealand.

    • (3) Not later than 30 days after the last days of March, June, September, and December in each year, every person who is in the business of supplying petrol or diesel in New Zealand by way of wholesale or retail sale must—

      • (a) supply the Secretary with true and accurate returns of all petrol and diesel—

        • (i) in respect of which no previous supplier has paid or is liable to pay the levy; and

        • (ii) that has been sold by the person during the immediately preceding period of 3 months ending with those last days of March, June, September, and December; and

      • (b) pay to the Secretary the levy calculated under subsection (2) on the petrol or diesel so sold.

    • (3A) A nil return need not be supplied under subsection (3).

Legislative history

9 November 2000Divided from the Statutes Amendment Bill (No 7) as reported from the Justice and Electoral Committee (Bill 334-A2), third reading
14 November 2000Royal assent