New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000

20 Process for restructuring geographical areas of DHBs


Whenever, at any time after 31 December 2001, the Minister or 1 or more DHBs or any other person proposes to alter the geographical area of any DHB, the Minister, or DHBs, or other person must consult with the public in the area affected.


The consultation under subsection (1) must include—


producing a discussion document explaining the proposed change, and including a discussion of any advantages or disadvantages that may flow from the implementation of the proposal; and


giving the public in the area affected and in other parts of New Zealand that may be affected an opportunity to make submissions on the proposal.


Before the proposal is finalised, the person who issued the discussion document must—


fully consider any submissions received in response to the document; and


publish in any affected area an analysis of the submissions and the person’s conclusions and recommendations on the proposal.


A person (other than the Minister) who prepares a discussion document or publishes a report of the kind referred to in subsection (3) must deliver a copy of the discussion document or the report to the Minister, as soon as practicable after the preparation of the document or report.


As soon as practicable after issuing or receiving a copy of a discussion document or report under this section, the Minister must present to the House of Representatives a copy of the document or report.


No Order in Council that alters the geographical area of a DHB may be made under section 19 unless the requirements of this section have been followed.