Local Electoral Act 2001

3 Purpose

The purpose of this Act is to modernise the law governing the conduct of local elections and polls and, in doing this, to—


provide sufficient flexibility in the law to readily accommodate new technologies and processes as they are developed (through the use of regulations to prescribe matters of detail that will be the subject of future change); and


adopt uniform rules in relation to—


the timing of local elections; and


the right of individuals to vote, stand for election, and nominate candidates for election; and


the appointment, powers, and duties of electoral officers and other electoral officials; and


the compilation of electoral rolls; and


the procedures to be adopted for the conduct of elections and polls; and


offences against this Act and penalties for those offences; and


disputed elections; and


electoral expenses; and


extraordinary vacancies; and


allow diversity (through local decision-making) in relation to—


the particular electoral system to be used for local elections and polls; and


the regular review of representation arrangements for local authorities; and


the particular voting method to be used for local elections and polls; and


implement the principles set out in section 4.

Section 3(c)(ia): inserted, on 25 December 2002, by section 3 of the Local Electoral Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 85).