102I New election or poll if election or poll declared void


Section 102 (which provides for a new election or poll to be held or taken if an election or poll is declared void) applies to the inquiry, subject to the modifications described in subsections (2) and (3).


If an election or poll is declared void as a result of an irregularity in the operation of a voting method, the District Court Judge may order that the new election or poll be conducted—


using a different voting method; or


using the same method, subject to specified modifications.


A District Court Judge who makes an order under subsection (2) may also, if the Judge considers it necessary, postpone the date by which the new election or poll must be held or taken beyond the date provided for in section 102(2).

Compare: 2001 No 35 s 102

Section 102I: inserted, on 9 April 2019, by section 10 of the Local Electoral Matters Act 2019 (2019 No 7).