Civil Aviation (Medical Certification) Amendment Act 2001

7 Rules relating to general matters
  • (1) Section 30(a) of the principal Act is amended by inserting, after subparagraph (vi), the following subparagraph:

    • (via) aviation examiners or medical examiners:.

    (2) Section 30(b) of the principal Act is amended by adding the following subparagraphs:

    • (ix) the requirements relating to the classification of aviation examiners and medical examiners and any related standards and restrictions on the exercise of their functions and powers:

    • (x) the requirements for the grant of delegations by the Director under section 27O(2):

    • (xi) the requirements for the purposes of determining suitably qualified medical examiners and establishing the criteria for standard medical assessments under section 27O(2):

    • (xii) the requirements and criteria for determining medical experts acceptable to the Director for the purposes of reaching an accredited medical conclusion:.