Education Standards Act 2001

  • This version includes a correction to section 69(2) made under section 25(j)(iii) and 25(j)(iv) of the Legislation Act 2012.
86 Specialist Education Services Board abolished and undertaking transferred on effective date


On the effective date,—


the Specialist Education Services Board ceases to exist; and


all assets, liabilities, and rights of the Specialist Education Services Board, by virtue of this section, become those of the Crown.


On the effective date, Part 4 and Schedule 2 of the principal Act are consequentially repealed.


On the effective date, the following enactments are consequentially repealed:


section 13(1) of the Education Amendment Act 1990:


sections 3 and 4 of the Education Amendment Act 1993:


sections 14 and 15 and the heading above section 14 of the Education Amendment Act (No 2) 1998.