Human Rights Amendment Act 2001

17 Panel
  • Section 101 of the principal Act is amended by repealing subsection (2), and substituting the following subsections:

    • (2) In considering the suitability of persons for inclusion on the Panel, the Minister must have regard to the need for persons included on the Panel to have between them knowledge of, or experience in,—

      • (a) different aspects of matters likely to come before the Tribunal:

      • (b) New Zealand law, or the law of another country, or international law, on human rights:

      • (c) public administration, or the law relating to public administration:

      • (d) current economic, employment, or social issues:

      • (e) cultural issues and the needs and aspirations (including life experiences) of different communities of interest and population groups in New Zealand society.

    • (2A) At least 3 members of the panel must be barristers or solicitors of the High Court of not less than 5 years' practice.