Human Rights Amendment Act 2001

24 New section 116 substituted
  • The principal Act is amended by repealing section 116, and substituting the following section:

    116 Reasons to be given
    • (1) This section applies to the following decisions of the Tribunal:

      • (a) a decision to grant 1 or more of the remedies described in section 92I or the remedy described in section 92J or an order under section 95:

      • (b) a decision to make a declaration under section 97:

      • (c) a decision to dismiss proceedings brought under section 92B or section 92E or section 95 or section 97.

      (2) Every decision to which this section applies must be in writing and must show the Tribunal's reasons for the decision, including—

      • (a) relevant findings of fact; and

      • (b) explanations and findings on relevant issues of law; and

      • (c) conclusions on matters or issues it considers require determination in order to dispose of the matter.

      (3) The Tribunal must notify the parties, the Attorney-General, and the Human Rights Commission of every decision of the Tribunal.