Electoral Amendment Act 2002

74 Disposal of ballot papers, rolls, etc
  • Section 187 of the principal Act is amended by repealing subsection (1), and substituting the following subsections:

    • (1) As soon as practicable after giving the Chief Electoral Officer the information specified in section 179(1), the Returning Officer must destroy or cause to be destroyed all unused ballot papers.

    • (1A) As soon as practicable after complying with the requirements of subsection (1), the Returning Officer must—

      • (a) enclose or cause to be enclosed in 1 or more packets all parcels that have been received, or made up, by the Returning Officer and that contain any of the following documents:

        • (i) used ballot papers, including the special voters' ballot papers:

        • (ii) counterfoils of issued ballot papers and counterfoils of unused ballot papers:

        • (iii) spoilt ballot papers:

        • (iv) ballot papers set aside under section 171 or section 177; and

      • (b) enclose or cause to be enclosed in 1 or more packets the following materials:

        • (i) ballot paper accounts:

        • (ii) copies of rolls (except the master roll):

        • (iii) books or other papers provided for by this Act:

        • (iv) all letters and other papers received from any manager of a polling place or issuing officer about special votes; and

      • (c) ensure that each packet is properly secured and endorsed with a description of its contents, the name of the district, the name or other identifier of the polling place, and the date of the polling; and

      • (d) sign the endorsement on each packet; and

      • (e) ensure that every packet is sent to the Clerk of the House of Representatives without delay.