Local Government (Rating) Act 2002

28 Inspection of rating information database


The rating information database must be available for inspection—


at the principal public office of the local authority and any other place that the local authority considers necessary in order to provide reasonable access to all ratepayers and residents of the district; and


during ordinary office hours or the hours at which the place is open to the public.


The copy of the rating information database that is made available for inspection must not include the name of any person (unless it is necessary to identify the rating unit) or any address other than the street address of the rating unit.


No fee is payable for inspecting the rating information database, but a person may be charged a reasonable fee for being supplied with a copy of the particulars.


The local authority must, during the month of May, give public notice that the rating information database is available for inspection and of the place and times it may be inspected.


In addition to the notice required under subsection (4), a local authority may notify ratepayers at any other time it considers appropriate and by any means it thinks fit.

Compare: 1988 No 97 ss 108, 110(3)