11 Functions and duties of Board


The functions and duties of the Board are—


to maintain a register of cadastral surveyors licensed under this Act:


to receive applications for licences under this Act as cadastral surveyors and to issue licences in proper cases:


to set fees for the issue and renewal of licences under this Act:


to issue and update standards that persons applying for licences, or the renewal of licences, under this Act must meet:


to investigate complaints about cadastral surveyors and take disciplinary action in appropriate cases under this Act:


to provide statistical information to the Minister about cadastral surveyors as requested by the Minister:


to perform any other functions or duties conferred on it by this Act or any other enactment.


Fees set under subsection (1)(c) must be set to cover only the cost of the functions of the Board.


For the purposes of subsection (1)(d),—


the standards must relate to the competencies required by cadastral surveyors to meet the standards set by the Surveyor-General under section 7(1)(c):


the standards must also relate to the legislative requirements for the subdivision of land to the extent that they are relevant to cadastral surveying:


the standards must take into account any assignments for the Survey Board of New Zealand begun by applicants before the commencement of this Act for completion after the commencement of this Act:


the Board may conduct, or arrange for the conduct of, examinations for the purpose of determining whether persons proposing to apply or applying for licences under this Act meet the standards set under subsection (1)(d).


The Board must, from time to time, for the purpose of setting standards under subsection (1)(d), consult the Surveyor-General about the competencies required by licensed cadastral surveyors to meet standards for cadastral surveying set by or under this Act.


For the purposes of subsection (1)(d), the Board may, before issuing standards under that provision, adopt and apply the competencies that applied, immediately before the commencement of this Act, to the registration of surveyors.

Compare: 1986 No 123 s 14