Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2002

5 New section 15A inserted
  • The principal Act is amended by inserting, after section 15, the following section:

    15A Power of Director to investigate holder of aviation document
    • (1) The Director may, in writing, require any holder of an aviation document to undergo an investigation conducted by the Director if the Director believes, on reasonable grounds, that it is necessary in the interests of civil aviation safety and security, and if the Director—

      • (a) has reasonable grounds to believe that the holder has failed to comply with any conditions of an aviation document or with the requirements of section 12; or

      • (b) considers that the privileges or duties for which the document has been granted are being carried out by the holder in a careless or incompetent manner.

      (2) If the Director requires a holder to undergo an investigation, the Director must—

      • (a) conclude the investigation as soon as practicable; and

      • (b) inform the holder, in writing, of—

        • (i) the date on which the investigation will begin; and

        • (ii) the results of the investigation, including—

          • (A) any recommendations arising out of the investigation; and

          • (B) the grounds for those recommendations.