Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2002

6 Power of Director to suspend aviation document or impose conditions
  • (1) Section 17 of the principal Act is amended by repealing subsections (3) and (4), and substituting the following subsections:

    • (3) The suspension of any aviation document and any conditions imposed under subsection (1) or subsection (2) remain in force until the Director determines what action, if any, referred to in subsection (4) is to be taken; but any such suspension or conditions expire 10 working days after the date that the suspension or conditions are imposed unless, before the expiry of that 10-working day period, the Director extends the suspension or conditions for a further specified period.

    • (4) The Director may take 1 or more of the following actions:

      • (a) impose conditions for a specified period:

      • (b) withdraw any conditions:

      • (c) suspend any aviation document for a specified period:

      • (d) revoke or partially revoke any aviation document under section 18.

    • (4A) If notice of a proposed revocation of an aviation document is given in accordance with section 11, either at the same time as the suspension of the document under this section is imposed or while the suspension is in force, the document to which the notice relates remains suspended until the Director finally decides whether to revoke the document under section 18.

    (2) Section 17(5) of the principal Act is amended by omitting the words this section, and substituting the words subsection (4).