Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2002

7 New section 18 substituted
  • The principal Act is amended by repealing section 18, and substituting the following section:

    18 Power to revoke aviation document or impose conditions
    • (1) The Director may, if he or she considers it necessary in the interests of aviation safety after an inspection, monitoring, or investigation carried out under this Act, revoke an aviation document or impose permanent conditions on an aviation document.

      (2) Revocation under this section may be in respect of the whole or any part of an aviation document.

      (3) If the Director proposes to take action under this section, he or she must give notice in accordance with section 11, which applies as if the proposed action were a proposed adverse decision under this Act.

      (4) A person whose aviation document is revoked or made subject to permanent conditions under this section must,—

      • (a) if the document is made subject to permanent conditions or revoked in part, immediately produce the document to the Director for appropriate endorsement:

      • (b) if the whole document is revoked, immediately surrender the document to the Director.

      (5) Any person in respect of whom any decision is taken under this section may appeal against that decision to a District Court under section 66.