Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act 2002

21 Grounds for discipline of chartered professional engineers


The Registration Authority may (in relation to a matter raised by a complaint or by its own inquiries) make an order referred to in section 22 if it is satisfied that a chartered professional engineer—


has been convicted, whether before or after he or she became registered, by any court in New Zealand or elsewhere of any offence punishable by imprisonment for a term of 6 months or more if, in the Authority’s opinion, the commission of the offence reflects adversely on the person’s fitness to practise engineering; or


has breached the code of ethics contained in the rules; or


has performed engineering services in a negligent or incompetent manner; or


has, for the purpose of obtaining registration or a registration certificate (either for himself or herself or for any other person),—


either orally or in writing, made any declaration or representation knowing it to be false or misleading in a material particular; or


produced to the Authority or made use of any document knowing it to contain a declaration or representation referred to in subparagraph (i); or


produced to the Authority or made use of any document knowing that it was not genuine.


The Registration Authority may make the order whether or not the person is still a chartered professional engineer.


The Registration Authority must comply with the applicable procedures under section 25 before making an order.