4 Overview

In this Act,—


this Part deals with preliminary matters, including interpretation and the application of this Act to the Crown:


the main rights attaching to a registered trade mark (for example, the exclusive right to use the registered trade mark) are set out in section 10:


when a trade mark is registrable is set out in section 13. Other provisions relating to the registrability of trade marks are set out in sections 14 to 30:


the process for registering a trade mark is contained in Part 3:


remedies and offence provisions relating to the infringement of a registered trade mark, border protection measures concerning an infringing sign that is applied to goods in an overseas country, and general provisions about legal proceedings and appeals under this Act, are set out in Part 4:


Part 5 contains provisions about the Commissioner, the register of trade marks, and an advisory committee that has the function of advising the Commissioner whether the proposed registration of a trade mark that is, or appears to be, derivative of a Māori sign, including imagery and text, is offensive to Māori.