134ZE Disclosure of information


The chief executive (or any employee of the Ministry authorised in that behalf), the chief executive of the New Zealand Customs Service (or any employee of the New Zealand Customs Service authorised in that behalf), and the Commissioner of Police (or any constable authorised in that behalf) may disclose information to each other, on request, for the purpose of investigating and prosecuting offences under this Act.


Information obtained under subsection (1) must not be disclosed except—


to the persons authorised under that subsection; or


for the purpose of any proceedings that have been commenced or that are reasonably in contemplation and that are connected with a matter in relation to which those persons perform their duties.


No obligation as to secrecy or other restriction on the disclosure of information imposed by any enactment or otherwise prevents a disclosure under this section.

Section 134ZE: inserted, on 7 October 2011, by section 18 of the Trade Marks Amendment Act 2011 (2011 No 71).