Education (Tertiary Reform) Amendment Act 2002

25 New section 237 substituted
  • (1) The principal Act is amended by repealing section 237, and substituting the following section:

    237 Cancellation of registration
    • (1) The Authority may cancel the registration of a registered establishment if it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that—

      • (a) the establishment no longer meets 1 or more of the requirements set out in section 236(1); or

      • (b) the establishment is not complying, or has not complied, with 1 or more of the conditions applying to it.

      (2) Before cancelling a registration, the Authority must—

      • (a) notify the establishment that it is considering cancelling registration, and give reasons; and

      • (b) give the establishment a reasonable opportunity to respond to the notice; and

      • (c) consider any submissions made by the establishment in response to the notice.

      (3) If the Authority cancels a registration, it must give notice of its decision to both the establishment and the Commission, with reasons.

      (4) Nothing in this section limits the Authority's powers under section 255A(7) to cancel an establishment's registration.

    (2) Section 238 of the principal Act is consequentially repealed.