5 Contents of reorganisation application


A reorganisation application must include the following:


the name and address of the person making the application; and


if more than 1 person is making the application, the name and address of the person who is the representative of the applicants; and


a description of the proposed changes, including (but not limited to)—


which of the matters listed in section 24(1) is being sought; and


a plan or other description sufficient to identify the affected area or affected areas concerned; and


a full and detailed explanation of what the proposed changes are seeking to achieve and how the changes would be achieved by the approach proposed in the application; and


a description of the potential improvements that would result from the proposed changes and how they would promote good local government as described in clause 12; and


information that demonstrates that the application has community support in the district of each affected territorial authority.


A reorganisation application may include—


any information requested or recommended in any guidelines issued by the Commission; and


any other information that the applicant considers relevant to the Commission’s consideration of the application.


A reorganisation application may be accompanied by a petition of affected electors for the purposes of clause 8(2).


If a reorganisation application is accompanied by a petition, each elector who signed the petition must state, against his or her signature, the person’s name and address in sufficient detail to enable the person to be identified as an elector.