Social Workers Registration Act 2003

Reprint as at 31 January 2018

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Social Workers Registration Act 2003

Public Act
2003 No 17
Date of assent
9 April 2003
see section 2

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Social Development.


5Act binds the Crown
6Entitlement to registration of New Zealand-qualified social workers
7Entitlement to registration of overseas-qualified social workers
8Applications for registration
9Consideration of applications by Board
10Provisional registration
11Temporary registration
12Criteria for full registration
13Board may recognise practical experience in certain cases
14Criteria for provisional registration
15Criteria for temporary registration
16Applications by certain people previously registered
17Board to give reasons
18Registrar to register successful applicants
19Registrar to notify unsuccessful applicants
20Certificates of registration
21Surrender of certificate of registration
22Renewal of limited registration
23Criteria for renewal of limited registration
24Cancellation of limited registration
25Practising registered social workers to hold practising certificates
26Applications for practising certificates
27Effect of making compliant application
28Issue of practising certificates
29Board may adopt general conditions
30Restrictions on issue of practising certificates
31Board to consider certain applications
32Procedure for consideration
33Decisions of Board as to practising certificates
34Currency of practising certificates
35Conditions on practising certificates
36Surrender of practising certificates
37Interim practising certificates
38Competence to practise social work
39Reviews of competence to practise social work
40Form of review
41Actions after review of competence
42Competence assessments
43Copies of competence assessments to be available
44Registered social workers to complete assessments every 5 years
45Actions if registered social worker fails assessment
46Confidentiality of information
47Fitness to practise social work
48Consideration of fitness to practise social work
49Action if Board considers registered social worker not fit and proper
50Board to ask Police for information, and consider convictions
51Notification of conditions affecting ability to practise social work
52Power to seek medical advice
53Notice to be put before chairperson
54Interim suspensions
55Power to order medical examination
56Conduct and consequences of examination
57Restrictions may be imposed because of condition
58Revocation of restrictions
59Complaints against registered social workers
60Registrar to notify Tribunal of complaints
61Registrar to notify Health and Disability Commissioner of certain complaints
62Health and Disability Commissioner may notify Tribunal of complaints
63Notification of convictions
64Suspension of action while Health and Disability Commissioner investigates
65Referral of complaints and notices of conviction to complaints assessment committee
66Complaints assessment committees
67Committees may regulate own procedure
68Committees may appoint legal advisers
69Information to be given to social worker and complainant
70Social workers and complainants may request changes in membership of complaints assessment committee
71Determination of complaint by complaints assessment committee
72Procedure after committee makes determination
74Committee may recommend suspension of registration or imposition of conditions
75Laying of charge before Tribunal
76Notice of disciplinary proceedings to be given to social worker
77Interim suspension of registration or imposition of restrictions on practice
78Social worker may apply for revocation of direction
79Hearings of Tribunal to be public
80Special protection for certain witnesses
81Application for revocation of order under section 79
82Grounds on which Tribunal may make order
84Orders as to restoration of registration
85Orders of Tribunal
87Recovery of fines and costs
88Rights of appeal
89Notice of right of appeal
90Orders to have effect pending determination of appeal
91Procedure on appeal
92Court’s decision final
93Court may refer matter back for reconsideration
94Orders as to costs
95Orders as to publication of names
96Appeal on question of law
97Social Workers Registration Board established
98Powers of Board [Repealed]
99Functions of Board
100Obligations of Board in relation to Māori
101Obtaining views of ethnic and cultural groups
102Restriction on Ministerial direction
103Other provisions relating to requirements [Repealed]
104Review of operation of Act
105Code of conduct
107Additional information in annual report
108Board may set fees
109Disciplinary levy
110Further provisions relating to fees and levy
111Application of income [Repealed]
112Directions and resolutions to be in writing [Repealed]
113Other provisions relating to Board
114Social Workers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal established
115Function of Tribunal
116Membership of Tribunal
117Suitability of certain people to be appointed
118Removal of members
119Hearings by Tribunal
120Other provisions relating to Tribunal
121Register of social workers
122Register to be maintained in parts
123Information to be registered
124Certificates of registered information
125Social workers to notify changes of address
126Changes of name
127Social worker may ask for registration to be cancelled
128Entry to be cancelled on death of social worker
129Revision of Register
130Restoration of entries
131Cancellation of registration of overseas qualified person for non-residence in New Zealand
132Cancellation of registration on Board’s direction
133Removal of qualifications, or cancellation of registration, overseas
134Cancellation or suspension not to affect existing liabilities
135Board to publish Register
136Inspection of Register
137Board to appoint Registrar
138Registrar to carry out Board’s decisions and comply with directions of Board and Tribunal
139Registrar may refuse to act if fine or costs outstanding, or fee not paid
140Notice of restrictions or conditions imposed on registration or practising certificate
141Certificate of Registrar to be evidence
142Board may withhold information in certain circumstances
143Immunity of members and legal advisers of complaints assessment committees and other from civil liability to third parties
144Proceedings not invalid because of defect in appointment
145Notice and service of documents
146Publication of orders
149Consequential amendments
Reprint notes