Crimes Amendment Act 2003

14 New section 216F inserted
  • The principal Act is amended by inserting, after section 216E, the following section:

    216F Unlawful disclosure
    • (1) An unlawful disclosure is—

      • (a) the intentional and unauthorised disclosure of the existence of an interception warrant to be exercised by a member of the police if the disclosure would, or is likely to, prejudice an investigation; or

      • (b) the intentional and unauthorised disclosure of—

        • (i) any information gained when undertaking maintenance of a communication service; or

        • (ii) any information gained when assisting with the execution of an interception warrant other than to the agency executing the warrant.

      (2) Despite anything in subsection (1)(b)(i), a person may disclose information to any member of the police if the information appears to relate to the commission of a crime that has caused or could cause serious harm to any person.

      (3) Every person who makes an unlawful disclosure is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years.