62 Consequences of appeal regarding class 4 operator’s licence


The conditions of a class 4 operator’s licence remain unchanged pending the outcome of an appeal if the appellant appeals an amendment or revocation of a condition or the addition of a new condition under section 61(1)(b).


A class 4 operator’s licence remains in force until—


the expiry of the period for an appeal under section 61(2); or


the date that the Gambling Commission specifies under section 61(5), if the appellant—


appeals a refusal to renew or amend the licence under section 61(1)(c) or (d); or


appeals a decision to suspend or cancel the licence under section 61(1)(e).

Section 62(2)(b): amended, on 21 October 2015, by section 14 of the Gambling Amendment Act (No 2) 2015 (2015 No 90).