Renewal or amendment of class 4 venue licence

72 Renewal of class 4 venue licence


A corporate society may apply to the Secretary for a renewal of its class 4 venue licence before the expiry of the licence.


An application must be on the relevant standard form and be accompanied by any items listed in section 65 that the Secretary requests in order to consider the application and effect the renewal.


The Secretary may return an incomplete application, and the accompanying documents and any fee, to an applicant.


Sections 66 and 67 apply to an application for renewal as if it were an application for a class 4 venue licence.


The Secretary must refuse to renew a class 4 venue licence if—


the applicant does not hold the associated operator’s licence; or


any investigations carried out by the Secretary cause the Secretary not to be satisfied about any of the matters specified in section 67; or


the Secretary is not satisfied that the applicant complies with section 69A; or


the Secretary is not satisfied that the applicant will comply with all relevant requirements of this Act, including the obligations set out in section 69A, minimum standards, game rules, Gazette notices, and licence conditions.


Unless the associated operator’s licence is cancelled, suspended, or not renewed, a class 4 venue licence continues in force after its expiry date if—


the corporate society has applied for renewal before the expiry date; and


the application has not been refused.

Section 72(5): replaced, on 3 March 2015, by section 43 of the Gambling Amendment Act 2015 (2015 No 3).