81 Complaints to Secretary


This section applies if a person makes a complaint to the Secretary about the conduct of class 4 gambling at a particular venue or by the holder of a class 4 operator’s licence.


The Secretary must, as soon as practicable after receiving a complaint, investigate the complaint and notify the complainant, if possible, as to whether any action has been, or will be, taken in respect of the complaint and the nature of any action taken.


The complainant may complain to the Gambling Commission about the way the Secretary has handled the complaint.


The Gambling Commission must then—


require the Secretary to provide a report about the way the complaint was handled; and


consider the matter in light of the Secretary’s report; and


report to the Minister about the matter if the Gambling Commission considers that the Secretary did not handle the complaint appropriately; and


notify the complainant and the Secretary of its view and any report to the Minister.