Territorial authority consent

98 When territorial authority consent required

A territorial authority consent is required in the following circumstances:


if a corporate society proposes to increase the number of gaming machines that may be operated at a class 4 venue (whether by way of an application for, or amendment to, a class 4 venue licence, and whether or not in association with an application for ministerial discretion under section 95 or 96):


if a corporate society applies for a class 4 venue licence and a class 4 venue licence has not been held by any corporate society for the venue within the last 6 months:


if a corporate society proposes, in accordance with a relocation policy of the territorial authority, to change the venue to which a class 4 venue licence currently applies.

Section 98: replaced, on 3 March 2015, by section 56 of the Gambling Amendment Act 2015 (2015 No 3).