133 Consideration of application


An application under section 132 for the approval of a casino venue agreement or of an amendment to a casino venue agreement must be considered by the Gambling Commission.


The Gambling Commission may require the applicant to provide a copy of the proposed agreement and any other relevant information to assist the Gambling Commission to consider the application.


In considering an application, the Gambling Commission must have regard to any suitability requirements specified in section 124 that the Gambling Commission considers relevant.


The Gambling Commission must not approve a casino venue agreement or an amendment to a casino venue agreement unless it is satisfied that the agreement is conducive to the conduct of responsible gambling in the casino.


A casino venue agreement expires according to its terms or when—


a party to the casino venue agreement surrenders the party’s casino licence; or


the casino venue licence expires and is not renewed; or


a casino licence of a party is cancelled; or


the Gambling Commission approves a new casino venue agreement; or


the casino venue agreement is entered into or amended without the approval of the Gambling Commission.

Compare: 1990 No 62 ss 41–43