145 Procedure for suspending or cancelling casino licence


The Gambling Commission must decide whether or not to grant an order sought by the Secretary under section 144 after following the procedure outlined in this section.


The Gambling Commission must—


send a copy of an application under section 144 to the holder of the casino licence affected; and


notify the licensee and the parties to a casino venue agreement with the licensee of their right to make submissions under subsection (3); and


notify the persons in paragraph (b) of their right to a hearing.


The persons referred to in subsection (2)(b) may—


make written submissions to the Gambling Commission concerning the application for suspension or cancellation within 20 working days after the date of the notice under subsection (2), or within any longer period that the Gambling Commission allows if an application for an extension is made within the time period specified in this paragraph; and


request a hearing about the application for suspension or cancellation.


If a hearing is requested, the Gambling Commission must—


fix the earliest practicable date for the hearing; and


give at least 20 working days’ notice of the date, time, and place of the hearing to the persons referred to in subsection (2)(b).


The Secretary and the persons referred to in subsection (2)(b) are entitled to produce evidence and to appear and be heard at the hearing, personally or by counsel or agent, and to call, examine, and cross-examine witnesses.


The Gambling Commission may adjourn a hearing to allow the licence holder an opportunity to deal with any matters that the Gambling Commission requires the licence holder to deal with.

Compare: 1990 No 62 s 91