150 Appeal to Gambling Commission


A person who has been refused status as an associated person in any of the circumstances described in section 149, or whose status as an associated person has been revoked under section 155, may appeal to the Gambling Commission against that refusal or revocation.


An appeal must be made within—


15 working days after the date of the notice of the Secretary’s decision; or


any longer period that the Gambling Commission allows if an application for an extension is made within the time period specified in paragraph (a).


The Gambling Commission—


may request any information from the appellant or the Secretary; and


is not bound to follow a formal procedure; and


does not need to hold a hearing; and


must consider any information provided by the appellant or the Secretary.


The Gambling Commission may then—


confirm, vary, or reverse the decision of the Secretary; or


refer the matter back to the Secretary with directions to reconsider the decision.


The Gambling Commission must give notice of its decision, with reasons, to both the appellant and the Secretary.