160 Secretary must investigate application for certificate of approval


On receiving an application for a certificate of approval, the Secretary must investigate and inquire as the Secretary considers necessary to enable the Secretary to consider the application properly.


Without limiting subsection (1), the Secretary—


may require the applicant to consent to having his or her photograph and fingerprints taken; and


may require the applicant to provide further information to support the application; and


must refer a copy of the application, and any photographs, fingerprints, or other information obtained by the Secretary in the investigation, to the Police and any government agency (not including the Inland Revenue Department) that the Secretary considers relevant.


The Police and any agency to whom the application is referred must inquire into and report to the Secretary on the applicant.


The Secretary may refuse to grant an application if the applicant fails to provide information requested by the Secretary or refuses to have fingerprints or a photograph taken.


Fingerprints provided by the Secretary to the Police or a government agency must be returned to the Secretary for destruction under subsection (6).


Fingerprints required by the Secretary must be destroyed by the Secretary immediately after the Secretary has made a decision as to whether or not to grant a certificate of approval.

Compare: 1990 No 62 s 54