183 Procedure after issue of notice


The holder of a casino licence who receives a notice under section 182 may respond to the Secretary under section 182(4) not later than the date stipulated under section 182(5).


The other party may make submissions to the Secretary not later than that stipulated date.


The Secretary must consider the response and any submissions made by the other party and,—


if, in the Secretary’s opinion, satisfactory answers are given or submissions made, the Secretary must take no further action in relation to the matter; or


if, in the Secretary’s opinion, answers given or submissions made are not satisfactory or if no answers are given and no submissions made, the Secretary may direct the termination of the agreement.


The Secretary’s direction referred to in subsection (3)(b), and the reasons for it, must be given in writing to the parties to the agreement and must specify a date on which the agreement is terminated under this Act.


The agreement in question, if not sooner terminated by the parties to the agreement, is terminated by force of this Act on the date specified in the direction.

Compare: 1990 No 62 s 74(7)–(11)