276 Amounts available for allocation by Board


The Board may from time to time require the Secretary for Internal Affairs to prepare and forward to the Board a statement showing—


the amount of profits arising from New Zealand lotteries and in hand at the date of the statement:


an estimate of the amount of profits arising from New Zealand lotteries expected to be derived during the period specified by the Board:


an estimate of the costs of administration payable under this subpart during that period.


The Board, after considering the statement, must—


determine the amount that will be allocated to each distribution committee, or to the Minister, during the period to which the determination relates; and


notify each distribution committee of the amount allocated to it for that period.


A copy of every notification made under this section must be forwarded by the Secretary of the Board to the Secretary for Internal Affairs.


A determination of the Board under this section may, by subsequent resolution, be varied or revoked and the Board must notify each distribution committee concerned of the subsequent resolution.

Compare: 1977 No 84 s 116G