Applications for grants

282 Applications for assistance


Every application for assistance from profits of lotteries must be addressed to the Secretary, who must refer each application that comes within the purposes specified in section 277 to the appropriate distribution committee.


If there is no appropriate distribution committee, a qualifying application must be referred to the Minister.


On receipt of an application, a distribution committee (or the Minister) must, after having regard to the amount available for distribution and all relevant matters,—


determine whether or not the application should be granted; and


if so, determine the amount that should be granted; and


notify the Secretary of those determinations.


A grant by a distribution committee or the Minister may be subject to the terms and conditions, not inconsistent with this Act, that the committee or the Minister thinks fit.


The distribution committee, or the Minister, may vary or cancel any terms or conditions attached to the grant or add new conditions to the grant.

Compare: 1977 No 84 s 116Q