305 Gambling operator must refuse to pay under-age person


If a gambling operator under sections 301 to 303 has reasonable grounds to suspect that a person is under the age specified in those sections, the gambling operator must refuse to pay any money or prizes won by the person.


If any money or prize is withheld under subsection (1), the gambling operator must—


keep a record of—


the name and address of the person who is suspected of being under-age; and


the amount of money or the prize won by the person; and


the date on which the money or prize was withheld; and


advise the person that if he or she provides satisfactory verification of his or her age to the gambling operator within 7 days, the person may claim the money or prize withheld.


Any money or prize from class 4 gambling that is not claimed under subsection (2)(b) within 7 days must be treated as if it were net proceeds of class 4 gambling.


This section does not apply to any money or prize won in a New Zealand instant game if the winning ticket was purchased before the commencement of this section.