314 Regulations relating to gaming machines in class 4 venue


The Governor-General may, by Order in Council made on the recommendation of the Minister, make regulations for all or any of the following purposes:


prescribing the maximum number of gaming machines that may be operated in New Zealand or any area within New Zealand (or both):


prescribing policies, procedures, or systems for considering class 4 operator licence applications if maximum limits are set under paragraph (a) (for example, a sinking lid policy):


prescribing transitional and savings provisions if maximum limits are set under paragraph (a):


prescribing the maximum stake that may be placed on a single play of a gaming machine:


prescribing the maximum prize that may be won from a single play of a gaming machine:


prescribing the minimum or maximum payout ratio or average rate of return to a player:


prescribing requirements relating to the electronic monitoring of gaming machines:


prescribing the use of pre-commitment, player tracking, or other harm-minimisation devices, technology, or systems in or associated with gaming machines:


providing for any other matters that are contemplated by, or necessary for giving full effect to, this Act and its due administration.


Regulations made under subsection (1) may apply—


to specified licence holders or classes of licence holder:


to specified venues or classes of venue:


to specified gaming machines or classes of gaming machine.

Section 314(1)(ga): inserted, on 14 September 2013, by section 13 of the Gambling (Gambling Harm Reduction) Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 71).