363 Forfeiture


If a person is convicted of an offence against this Act, the court may, in addition to any other penalty that may be imposed, order that any equipment, thing, document, or money used in the commission of the offence be forfeited to the Crown.


Section 199(4) to (6) of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957 applies with any necessary modifications to an order made under subsection (1).


Subject to subsection (2),—


all equipment, things, or documents forfeited to the Crown must be delivered to the Secretary, and may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of in the manner that the Secretary thinks fit:


all money forfeited to the Crown must be paid into a Crown Bank Account.

Compare: 1977 No 84 s 123; 1990 No 62 s 114

Section 363(3)(b): amended, on 25 January 2005, pursuant to section 65R(3) of the Public Finance Act 1989 (1989 No 44).