205A Amending licensed promoter’s licence


A licensed promoter must apply to the Secretary to amend that licensed promoter’s licence if he, she, or it proposes to make any change that impacts on the licensed promoter’s ability to continue to comply with this Act or the licence.


An application must be on the relevant standard form.


The Secretary may return an incomplete application, and the accompanying documents and any fee, to an applicant.


Sections 200 and 201 apply to an application for amendment as if it were an application for a licensed promoter’s licence.


The Secretary must refuse to amend a licensed promoter’s licence if any investigations carried out by the Secretary cause the Secretary not to be satisfied about any of the matters specified in section 201.

Section 205A: inserted, on 3 March 2015, by section 87 of the Gambling Amendment Act 2015 (2015 No 3).