103 Failure to comply with Act, etc


A person commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with—


any provision of this Act; or


any provision of the regulations the failure to comply with which is identified in the regulations as an offence; or


any direction, condition, notice, or requirement lawfully given, made, or imposed by or under this Act.


A person who commits an offence against this section for which no other penalty is specified is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding—


$100,000, in the case of a body corporate; or


$20,000, in the case of an individual.

Section 103(1)(b): replaced, on 2 March 2018, by section 240 of the Food Safety Law Reform Act 2018 (2018 No 3).

Section 103(2): amended, on 1 July 2013, by section 413 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2011 (2011 No 81).