66A Self-employment


Every prisoner (other than a prisoner who is only awaiting trial or on remand or who is detained under the Immigration Act 2009) may, subject to the prison manager’s approval, be self-employed while in custody and be employed in that work within the prison or outside the prison in which he or she is detained.


The prison manager must not approve a prisoner to be self-employed under this section unless the work—


is of a kind described in subsection (3) that is approved by the chief executive; and


is done under the conditions approved by the chief executive.


The work referred to in subsection (2) is work that is intended to provide the prisoner with work experience or to assist his or her rehabilitation or reintegration into the community.


Any work in which a prisoner is employed under this section must be carried out in accordance with any prescribed requirements.

Section 66A: inserted, on 4 June 2013, by section 15 of the Corrections Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 5).