Civil Aviation Amendment Act (No 2) 2004

5 Power of Minister to make ordinary rules
  • Section 28(1) of the principal Act is amended by repealing paragraph (c), and substituting the following paragraphs:

    • (c) assisting aviation safety and security, including (but not limited to) personal security:

    • (ca) assisting economic development:

    • (cb) improving access and mobility:

    • (cc) protecting and promoting public health:

    • (cd) ensuring environmental sustainability:

    • (ce) any matter related or reasonably incidental to any of the following:

      • (i) the Minister's objectives under section 14:

      • (ii) the Minister's functions under section 14A:

      • (iii) the Authority's objectives under section 72AA:

      • (iv) the Authority's functions and duties under section 72B:

      • (v) the Director's functions and powers under section 72I:.