Resource Management Amendment Act (No 2) 2004

3 Purpose
  • The purpose of this Act is—

    • (a) to enable improved planning for aquaculture activities in the coastal marine area by—

      • (i) requiring aquaculture activities in the coastal marine area to take place in aquaculture management areas defined in regional coastal plans; and

      • (ii) providing regional councils with additional tools relating to the allocation of coastal space; and

      • (iii) enabling regional councils to consider the effects of aquaculture activities on fishing and fisheries resources; and

      • (iv) providing for the allocation of authorisations to apply for coastal permits to undertake aquaculture activities by tender unless the regional coastal plan provides otherwise; and

      • (v) enabling regional councils to grant preferential authorisations to persons who privately initiate plan changes that establish aquaculture management areas; and

      • (vi) providing for existing permit holders to have their applications for new consents considered before any other applications for the same area; and

    • (b) to empower the Minister of Conservation to direct regional councils in relation to the allocation of space in the coastal marine area.