118 Crown entity to be good employer


A Crown entity must, if it employs employees,—


operate a personnel policy that complies with the principle of being a good employer; and


make that policy (including the equal employment opportunities programme) available to its employees; and


ensure its compliance with that policy (including its equal employment opportunities programme) and report in its annual report on the extent of its compliance.


For the purposes of this section, a good employer is an employer who operates a personnel policy containing provisions generally accepted as necessary for the fair and proper treatment of employees in all aspects of their employment, including provisions requiring—


good and safe working conditions; and


an equal employment opportunities programme; and


the impartial selection of suitably qualified persons for appointment; and


recognition of—


the aims and aspirations of Māori; and


the employment requirements of Māori; and


the need for involvement of Māori as employees of the entity; and


opportunities for the enhancement of the abilities of individual employees; and


recognition of the aims and aspirations and employment requirements, and the cultural differences, of ethnic or minority groups; and


recognition of the employment requirements of women; and


recognition of the employment requirements of persons with disabilities.


For the purposes of this section, an equal employment opportunities programme means a programme that is aimed at the identification and elimination of all aspects of policies, procedures, and other institutional barriers that cause or perpetuate, or tend to cause or perpetuate, inequality in respect of the employment of any persons or group of persons.