141 Content of statement of intent


A statement of intent must, for the period to which it relates, set out the strategic objectives that the entity intends to achieve or contribute to (strategic intentions).


A statement of intent must also, for the period to which it relates,—


explain the nature and scope of the entity’s functions and intended operations:


explain how the entity intends to manage its functions and operations to meet its strategic intentions:


explain how the entity proposes to manage its organisational health and capability:


explain how the entity proposes to assess its performance:


identify any process to be followed for the purpose of section 100:


set out and explain any other matters—


that are reasonably necessary to achieve an understanding of the entity’s strategic intentions and capability:


that the entity is required to include in its statement of intent under this Act or another Act.


A statement of intent—


must be in writing, be dated, and be signed on behalf of the board by 2 members or, in the case of a corporation sole, by the sole member; and


is a final statement of intent when it has been signed in accordance with paragraph (a).

Section 141: replaced, on 1 July 2014, by section 51 of the Crown Entities Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 51).